Becoming an artist became obvious to me around the age of 25.


I then discovered Street art in the 90s in the United States, in New York and Chicago, and it is from this movement, among others, which I was inspired later and which confirmed that art was my way. It was also around this time that my first paintings were exhibited on Broadway Avenue in New York. And after these few years spent in the USA, I then returned to France where I continued my artistic journey by exhibiting regularly in France and in Europe.


My universe is populated by colorful imaginary characters who evolve in an atmosphere where Street art, Art Brut and Pop art mingle.

A graphic universe made of bright, contrasting, fluorescent colors and graffiti to make my painting very lively, and also sometimes reminiscent of the American colors of the cartoons of the 50s and 60s that nourished my childhood.

It is in this dreamlike universe that I chose to express my sensitivity.

In addition to painting, I also use the digital tool which offers a different field to my creativity and which allows me to open up other creative perspectives.

Also, this new digital technique, which can be applied on very refined supports such as aluminum dibond, acrylic glass etc ..., allows to highlight the works by giving them a very modern contemporary look.

My artistic work is an irrepressible quest in the search for an ideal of beauty, through a dreamlike journey of imaginary characters in which the harmony of colors is, for me, fundamental.