I am foremost a sculptor. Dreams come to mind which I must bring to fruition. Fail or succeed in contriving these visions, the true success is transforming these musings into reality. Often I create while traveling, creating worlds out of the universal material: CARDBOARD. Black and white paint. Pistol de silicon. Tijeras. Thriving to me is to keep creating. Relentless imagination. I use photographs to hold these thoughts and dreams. I take photos of staged scenes inspired or completely offset from the locale. The photo can hold massive ideas in a flat cell for a frame or digitized into a tiny space. No matter the size, within them lies the power to convey prodigious ideas.


Portrait photography is a signature of my work. You pass many people when you walk down the street. How many do you look into the eyes? I feel we have a fear to look each other in the eyes. Shooting a portrait I can look someone in the eyes and share that experience. When you look into eyes you see the wonder of the world. Love. Vanity is why we allow our photo to be taken. Universal happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise and disgust. We are all the same with a different mask, skin, demographic. How we feel unifies humanity.


Emotion is the body’s jockey, and to me, the human body is most beauteous. My methods are unique to produce fantastical portraits. I shoot with a 4”x5” film camera. For each set up I typically use no more that four sheets of film. Within the whimsy or horror, there is true human emotion. I can create from my mind a scene into reality, but I can never control how someone is going to feel as they step upon my stage. Jazz starts. Four shots means I have to get my set up right. Slow down. Take time to analyze what I am seeing through my view finder. Establish with my model a sense of now, peace, the moment. I capture the emotion of them believing for an instant they are playing along with me, a figment of my imagination. Perhaps bringing an emotion from their experience to add reality to my fiction.


So what to do with all these photos? For twenty plus years I have shot portraits around the world. My urge to sculpt on a larger scale propelled me to create massive frames for my photographic worlds. I built a photo house. A house built of framed photos full of ball jars with photos within that. I built Photo Chapel to commemorate the builders of Black Rock City in 2013. I built The Totem of Confessions at Burning Man in 2015, because art is the closet thing to my religion. All were immaculately clad in my photography. Sculptures that are frames which hold photos of sculptures of worlds of imagination. Inspirations from around the world have come home with me to create my own catacombs, temples, and totems to share with the world around me.


I want to create for others the inspiration I feel when I visit churches, museums, cities, country-sides, the wilderness...To showcase my art in a public space is meaningful to me because my art is for everyone. It is a postcard of a bon voyage and a welcoming hug home in the airport. A portal opening of possibilities for the onlooking traveler. My art is story the viewer can conjure up, it invokes their imagination. We are all on the voyage of a lifetime with different stories. Traveling opens communication lines. Taking portraits and sharing them I spread those stories like butter on toast.