We see life through a mental as well as a physical lens.  Sometimes a short encounter with a stranger can change our life forever.  Our consciousness often does not see these changes, but our subconscious stores them all.  If you only find the key to this storage, you will find out who influenced your life and how. In my artwork I want to capture that moment of change.


That's why the materials I use for my artwork are volatile, delicate, barely visible, openwork.  This uneven structure reflects the idea of ​​both elusiveness and self-image.  A human being who is at the center of change and can not see it, physically or mentally.


My interest in people is not only about art. In everyday work, I touch a human being as a multifaceted being, I work with people at the level of removing blocks interfering with internal development. Commitment to personal and internal development is closely related to my art.


Our primitive ancestors used masks to cover their faces or themselves (ritual masks).  Then, as we evolved, masks were used to hide our ego, our personality, and often our identity (Venetian masks).


My sculptures capture moments when we are at complete peace with ourselves, even when distracted by outside forces.  Removing the mask requires a perfect balance of mind and body.  Even though every day we feel stress, the process of removing our mask enforces  immobility, peace, body balance. In this situation a human being remains alone with their thoughts or non-thoughts, their own ego, their inspirations.


To create artworks, I invited a few people who are near to my heart.  Myself, my two daughters, and a very few close friends who were willing to participate, who were not afraid to reach deep into their inner being, and were able to create, at least for a moment, an internal balance.


Flowers and people are similar in my eyes.  They share the same light and space. Both are beautiful, fractal, similar to others and yet each is unique.  They are both subject to similar laws.  A smart, flexible human will not break in a mental storm.  A flower blows at the direction of the wind, then rises towards the sun.  Both are elusive in their nature, both guided by an invisible energy.


The transparency of my artworks means they are not definitive.  They will create different realities suspended on different backgrounds, like the moment of change in a person's life.


They are - but they are not final. They can always be changed.