Since I was young, I’ve always been fascinated by the stars and the universe. Just looking at a shooting star put me in awe. Also, the existence of God, creation of humans, the concept of a soul, and heaven and hell also intrigued me. When I grew up and became an adult living a hectic life, I would look at the people and the city and still think about the ‘curiosity of existence’ for those existing in the world. And when I would look at the lights from apartment buildings in the city at night and the people inside them and gaze up into the sky, I would feel as though this is so small and wonder ‘what the purpose of humans is’. And whenever I would look out the window to rest at the studio, my wonders for ‘who I am’ and ‘what being people are for this world’ would grow. So, to find the answers to these wonders, I started to look into the world defined by physics and the reason behind people’s existence, and explore that through my artworks.