Mindy Sue Myers is an artist who works out of her home studio in  Upper Michigan. She makes soft sculpture that explores nostalgia and  time travel through object association. Myers has an MFA from  Arizona State University with a concentration in fibers. She has  previously worked as an associate lecturer of art at the University of  Wisconsin Fond du Lac and the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. Myers has an extensive exhibition record and has taught many  textile-based workshops. She survives on coffee, enjoys hikes in the  Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and spending time with her dear ones  listening to music, cooking and learning new things.  

Mindy Sue Myers is also a co-founder of The Wondermakers Collective  with the incredible illustrator and coffee drinker
Jenna Freimuth.  They work together to build beautiful, layered embroideries, pen  palling them back and forth from Michigan to Minnesota.