Morakinyo Femi is a visual artist born in Akure, Ondo State Nigeria in 1984. At an early age, Femi was intrigued by the stamps collected by his banker father which have now become a major source of inspiration for his art style. In his early age, Femi lived briefly with his grandmother who was a connoisseur of old textiles, hand painted aluminums pans and vintage items. He was captivated by most of these items and spent a great deal of time drawing them.
A Fine Art graduate of Yaba College of Technology in Lagos, Femi is
currently a Senior Art Director in a leading digital advertising agency in Lagos, Nigeria where he works across diverse areas such as motion graphics, illustrations and designs.

As an artist, Femi explores classic and stunning storytelling, capable of evoking nostalgic feelings and taking his viewers on a journey of visual pleasure using his unique stylised painting employing acrylic, oil, charcoal and pastel mediums. He portrays his love for vintage art by fusing antique objects into everyday scenarios in dramatic and sometimes amusing ways.