The theme of these works is: Women who live in Morocco; How the masculine social environment influences the feminine and how women want to make place in a sexist society by culture and in a process of change, in which most freedoms are for men. I have lived that in my own flesh and I speak from my family experience being a mediator between the two cultures; the eastern and western. I try to support women towards freedom, independence, autonomy, strength and self-worth, making decisions alone, learning to do it from a free perspective and without prejudice. These works have written phrases in Arabic that represent those values. Empower oppressed women to give them an opportunity for well-being in their life regardless of the social condition to which they belong. It is a work that connects a lot with the femininity and popular culture of Morocco. I use the silk and thread that they use in their traditional djellaba and kaftans, the type of embroidery that the ornaments of their traditional clothes carry and silver sequins that sewn like polka dots decorating the fabrics that are handcrafted by rural women of Berber ethnicity in Morocco.