Evelyn Politzer is a textile-fiber artist looking to convey nature’s plea for interconnectedness through yarn, thread, and fabric. Using traditional methods like knitting, crochet, and embroidery, Evelyn creates unconventional objects - from small 2D tapestries to monumental sculptural forms. She mainly works with hand-dyed, soft, natural fibers due to their unique tactile quality that allows for Evelyn to enjoy the passing of time through her sense of touch.


Her practice has roots in her native home of Uruguay - a country where sheep outnumber the people and where wool and other natural fibers are still an important tool for the livelihood of many, especially the women. The relationship between the fibers Politzer works with and with the place where she was born, evoke the comfort of belonging for her, no matter where she is.


Working in fiber art allows Evelyn to foster community and bring people together to knit for different positive causes. From 2016 - 19, Politzer co-organized “World Wide Knit in Public Day” in Miami, Fl; and during the 2020 pandemic, Evelyn felt compelled to create a platform for others to share their textile art journey. Together, with two other local artists, and with the mission to educate and advance the contemporary fiber arts community in Miami, the Fiber Artists-Miami Association (FAMA) was born.


Womanhood and the fragility of the natural environment are recurring themes of Politzer's work. An eternal optimist, Politzer strives to show a sense of the unexpected while treating subjects that touch her deeply, such as motherhood and nature. Exploring materials, texture and color, she connects her mind to her hands and heart.