Silvia Trappa is an Italian artist who works and lives between Brescia e Milano.


After completing her degree in Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara, Silvia was selected for an exchange program in Japan. She has since decided to continue her studies at the Tokyo Zokei University.


Her research is articulated between sculpture and drawing, it is based on the historical and traditional elements of different cultures and how these apply to life in contemporary society.


Starting from the use of different materials, which acquire a significant value within the artwork, Silvia deals with universal topics, such as childhood (understood as a life metaphor), man / nature relationship, and the representation of the feminine.


Silvia has worked as an artist in residence in Italy, Japan, Mexico and her work has been exhibited in Italy, Portugal, the United States, Hong Kong and Japan.

Since some years Silvia has been planning workshops about creativity and recycling for children and people with different kinds of disabilities. Hold me is her first book, and it was published by Iki Edition for Aka Collection.