"All my works are inspired by daily life. My research is an investigation of the concept of time and is articulated through sculpture and drawing. In a fast world, my characters- children, old people, madmen and animals, retain the ability to wait and live out of time. I would like my art to create a common language, which is understandable to everyone, from everywhere. I create my works to be something that appears whimsical and light at first glance, yet hides a more critical and significant meaning upon closer inspection.


I am interested in expanding my knowledge, to find new inspirations and to discover and learn about the histories of culture, both ancient and current. Drawing on history and tradition, I re-create elements of culture in a contemporary way, by which my sculptures become a source of reflection and a mirror of the society in which we live. I try to extract the essence of topical subjects, removing all that is superfluous, in an attempt to convey them in the most simple and direct way.


In the last few years, I have focused my research on materials, looking for more sustainable elements. As a result, I began to work with paper, which has become one of the main mediums of my sculptures. For several years, I have been interested in social art and I have recently gained invaluable experience volunteering. This approach has made me stronger and I now plan workshops about creativity and recycling for children and people with all different types of disabilities." - Silvia Trappa