"I am a Mixed Media Artist and passionate about my daily work. I like to intuitively incorporate different materials needed for each work. My career began with painting. I continued in this media for several years. However, once I began working with textiles, things changed.


I seemed to quickly connect with the special environment created by threads, fabrics, scissors, chalk, measuring tapes and sewing machines that I had been exposed to throughout my childhood sitting on my grandparents' work bench - both were tailors. I was surrounded by artistic craft my entire life as a carpenter's daughter and a live model for a seamstress aunt. It is quite easy for me to fuse textile artisanship with new technologies. 


Anyway, I assume that my aesthetic language is primarily centered on the creation of collages, using diverse techniques throughout my artistic training and experiences. That’s why, lately focus on Mixed Media Art, I see as my natural creativity pushes me to experiment with different techniques, which allows me to materialize creations with collage, engraved printmaking, etching and/or textile."


- Silvia Yapur