ASPENCROW is a millennial born in Lithuania in 1987, whose childhood and adolescence happened during the infamous 90s and adulthood happened during the global financial crisis taking its depressive toll on the further formation of his personality and perception of the world. The influence of Western capitalist pop culture on the post-Soviet territories of that time brought up an internal conflict of incoming information and acceptance of reality, which affected the future creativity of the artist. The artist is well known for his hyperrealistic controversial sculptures like Begging Queen, ICON, MILF, Diamond Dog, among others. His subject matters is an interpretation of well-known public figures in unusual and sometimes shocking way.


Throughout the art career, he created sculptures such as “US Candy”, “Polar Kid”, “Cheese” and others. The artist creates his art pieces in a commercial industrial pop style with his hallmark gloomy dark touch. Each sale of some artistic work will also contribute support to the charitable organisations.
ASPENCROW creates each piece from conception to final product, and therefore displays strong technical skills in the manipulation of a variety of materials and scales.