Franck de las Mercedes is a contemporary artist from New York City. Born in Nicaragua, Franck has pioneered a style through a multifaceted body of work influenced by abstract expressionism, rock carvings, neo expressionism and Nicaraguan primitivism. Through bright colors, jagged line-work and hieroglyph inspired text and abstract patterns, Franck creates emotionally charged work that explores childhood memory, current events, family dynamics and sociopolitical topics.


de las Mercedes achieved international recognition with his conceptual art project “The Priority Boxes" or “Peace Boxes.” Created by the artist in an effort to promote peace through participatory art, the project earn him a joint legislative resolution from The New Jersey Senate and General Assembly, honoring the artist for his meritorious record of service, leadership, and commitment in the arts and his community.


In 2019, The New York City Department of Cultural Affairs selected FdlM as a finalist for a permanent public art commission at Carnegie Library 125th St in Manhattan. Named one of "15 Artists About to Dominate 2015" by Complex magazine, FdlM is the recipient of an “Outstanding Latino” award, the “Hearing Our Voices” award and is profiled in the book titled “Learning from Latino Role Models: Inspire Students through Biographies, Instructional Activities, and Creative Assignments” by David Campos). In 2017, Franck's painting "April Flowers" was selected by The Artists Unite Poster Project, in cooperation with the MTA, to become a poster to display in the New York City Subway.