Harry Skeggs is cited as the next generation of top wildlife photography. Even at a very early stage of his career, Harry has won a number of top flight international awards and has leaped to prominence in the National Geographic sphere, both as a leading photographer but also as a keynote speaker for the annual UK masterclasses.


Harry’s work is fuelled by his background in the literary and visual arts. Having received his master’s degree in History of Art from Magdalene College Cambridge, Harry is a particular expert in compositional and narrative techniques derived from the old masters. Harry looks to blend this academic approach with a modern narrative and artistic medium to create imagery that truly qualifies as art.


This quick ascent to the top echelons of an enormously competitive industry has been widely perceived by both galleries and sponsors. With new gallery representation in the European and Australasian markets in the past quarter, Harry has already built a global reputation and network.


Conscious of his role as a figurehead for environmental issues, Harry works closely with conservation charities to leverage his photography and social media status to provide support to wildlife charities, most notably as ambassador to Tusk.