The artist develops a singular style, a new language named traitillism, by reconditioning a technique discovered by Paul Clodel Cauchard. His artworks are realised with Ink, charcoal and graphite. Each artwork is drawn free handed to the naked eye. The artist gets his singular style according to different research concerning the history of the line, the several architecture treaty ( from renaissance to nowadays) and the notions of “parti et poché” to represent architecture.  Marc Brousse is inspired by the "art built ", civilization history, religions and mythology. His ability to generate cities with intriguing architecture juxtaposed with his work on curved and cylindrical perspectives permit to recondition our thinking on cities and our environnement.  By exploring symbolism principles sustained by urban matrix and nature principles at different scales, Marc reveals the statement that cultural and so architectural development follow the epigenetic concept ( we are born with the aptitude for language). Epigenetic principles indicate that development is the outcome of underlying rules plus specific sensitivity to the environment. Every city is a unique « species » formulating different stratas of rythms, in the sens that his juxtaposition of building and spaces constitute the epigenetic program for that place. Epigenesis as a developmental principle that buildings do not merely echo the existing milieu but add something new and dynamic to the urban context.  So urban artefacts allow us to observe the relation, the scale of man in its context, a language he creates, generated throught complexity and contradiction principles in architecture, composed with proportion issue from Nature characteristics as Fibonacci serie for example.