Born in Naples (Italy) in 1961 but based in Rome, the city that Rossi sets off from and goes back to Rossi has been involved in photography since the late seventies gradually supporting the need for deeper search for a language to identify with. His point of view is influenced by his painterly vision of a place, which he transforms into a photograph. This interpretation derives from a personal study of the modern tradition of the abstract-figurative -isms” typical of the early twentieth-century avant-garde movements in the arts. Geometry is certainly an important aspect of his research. "Forms and trace elements are repeated with an attention to mathematics and music. The composition is arranged in a pattern that produces harmony and refers to a symphonic score of lights and figures interspersed with fragments of stories surprised from analytical look and similar to choreographies". (S. Petronici)


Rossi has exhibited in several galleries in Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Lecce, Naples, Amsterdam, Paris, London, New York, Philadelphia, Berlin, Dubai and Miami. The artwork Travelers # 1 is present in the collections of: the Philadelphia University of the Arts, and of the France Public Library. I am represented by Hamburg Kennedy gallery in New York, The Directed Art Modern in Miami, Chiefs & Spirits in The Hague and in Arte Gallery in Bergamo.