(On Time-Lapse)


"I'm fascinated about how much life happens even at the most remote corner of a city. My itinerant life takes me around the world on a constant basis and I love walking around cities, finding a spot to sit for a couple of hours and, unnoticed, photograph random people passing by against a wall. I consider my works a kind of documentation of a city or a specific neighborhood. This series is not about the pictures I take but about the life that emanates from a moment of obsevation; a moment of pause".

 Xan Padrón


For the “Time Lapse” series Xan Padrón sits on a single spot, unnoticed, for about 2 hours, photographing a sequence of people passing by against one unique background. These quotidian gestures, combined, create a unique narrative of life by a wall in a place in the world. Time Lapse: 1 place, 1 moment.  


The series is an ongoing project that includes cities in Spain, USA, Dominican Republic, China, Italy, Portugal, Cuba, France, UK, Germany…