I make drawings and collages, and paintings, mostly abstract with a hint of representation. They are non-verbal retreats from  the cacophony of contemporary life.  These pieces are born out of exploring intuition when moments of intuitive recognition flow free from their particular occasions and recombine themselves into a new reality.


I’m interested in the gap between abstraction and representation, the non-specificity and the compression of feelings combined with the adventure the material lends itself to. My process is organic and intuitive, beginning with a mark, a large abstract shape, or a photograph to create an optical and emotional experience.


From these tentative beginnings, a new space emerges, suggesting perhaps figurative or associative element that I respond to. This issomething non-literal,  a feeling perhaps, often a fleeting one, a sense of things under the surface, that something is there, lurking just around the corner. It is this ambiguity that intrigues me. 


I’m interested in seeing that which does not exist, that which surprised me, that which forces me to be brave, that which conquers my fears. Through a process of accumulation and subtraction, I embrace the subjectivity of my particular experience and perspective.


I’m interested what happens between the hand and the surface, how the materials and mark making disrupt the surface, how they evolve into a new whole.


My intention is that the each piece stirs a sense of an emotion, or a memory, leaving it up to the viewer to interpret the experience.