Rosana (Argentina, 1979) is a Buenos Aires based visual artist whose work has an emphasis on human relationships and the way people interact in their environment. She earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Buenos Aires (2013), she has a degree in Ceramic Art (2006), and also studied Anthropology and Visual Arts. 

She has studied curatorial practices, and attended workshops in collecting contemporary art, art market, and did a Curatorial Intensive program in PAC Project (2017). She curated the shows called Horizon of Threat  (2017), Out of reach (2019), and Something could happen between now and never (2019),  in Buenos Aires. 

She has done several seminars and workshops with recognized Argentinian artists such as Lucia Warck Meister, Manuel Ameztoy and Viviana Debicki, among others.

She worked as an art teacher in art schools in Argentina. Currently she codirects Art Routes, an independent project that intertwines art history with trips around the world. 

She was selected to participate in the VIII International Biennial of Contemporary Textile Art, Madrid, Spain, in Large Format - Indoors category (2019). She was awarded the 1⁰ Prize Photography with Textile Intervention Salon (2018), 1⁰ Prize Small Format Ceramic Art Salon (2012), Honorable Mention III National Salon of Embroidery (2019) Honorable Mention Ceramic with Textile Intervention Salon (2018), 3⁰ Honorable Mention Novell Artists Salon of the CAAC (2011), and participated in the National Salon of Visual Arts (2012). 

Her art works are included in private collections in Argentina and Uruguay.