Isher Dhiman is an award winning mixed media artist with 20 years experience in creating artworks that originate from fashion and the figurative form, evolving overtime to encompass a range of conceptual editorial art.


A solid foundation in problem solving born from her degree in Economics, which she went on to supplement with further education at London College of Fashion, St Martins College of Art and most recently at House of Illustration.  Isher has successfully worked in both fields, to ultimately provide solutions through a language, be it analytical or visual - both of which are needed in tandem to translate complex ideas into clear visual interpretations.


Isher loves the tangible nature of the variety of mixed media she works with.  The freedom and movement of watercolour teamed with the anticipation and unpredictability of the end result, is something she thrives on.   She enjoys the mindfulness nature of unplanned paper cut outs, in pure Matisse style, to add a layered contrast to hand drawn elements.  Isher enjoys the carbon black line of a piece of graphite or charcoal gliding across a page with trained effortlessness. She has a unique instinctiveness in which to respond to a brief and uses her mastery of wet media, to create evocative conceptual work, that is harmonious and full of expression, often, reduced down to it’s essential form.  She invites the viewer to embrace their curiosity and applaud their intelligence in interpreting her artistic voice.


The depth and richness of her experience and desire to evolve is evident in her meticulous approach to creative briefs, forever curious and well researched to communicate an idea, message, emotion or state of mind with a strong narrative to support her visual language.