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Notes on October
October 26, 2020

Getting to October has been something of a task this year, the reason being that during the early days of COVID,  Fiber Artists - Miami Association  (FAMA) formed and with that came October’s exhibition.  


Evelyn Politzer, Alina Rodriquez Rojo, and Aurora Molina, all fiber artists in Miami, came together (from a distance) and formed this organization to create a niche for fiber arts, to work together to make different projects and frankly to becoming a force in the Miami Art Scene. Last year at the gallery we held a textile exhibition: Women Pulling at the Threads of Social Discourse, where women fiber artists, through textiles, explored different aspects of life in society ranging from politics, the loss of identity, the predictability of life, consumerism and more.


Because Aurora was in that inaugural exhibition, and she knew that this is an exhibition theme I want to repeat every October, she approached me about an exhibition. It took all of five minutes for me to jump on board. This year’s version of the exhibition included 40 women and a couple of men all working their threads to commemorate the centennial of the Women’s Vote with forty flags!


These forty artists and my team all worked together to create the profiles, press releases and publicity needed to make this exhibition become what is  truly spectacular!  


Two weeks into the exhibition the gallery was visited by artists, collectors, journalists, curators and bloggers, George Fishman, who writes for The Miami Herald wrote about the exhibitionArtspace.com featured the works on their homepage, Cultured featured the show, and more articles and interviews are in the works!  My hope is that this project will travel to different locations and galleries because the topic is relevant and frankly, the art is beautiful!  


But FAMA and The CAMP Gallery weren’t satisfied with putting on just an exhibition of forty flags, because October 10th saw the opening of Feminism South to Northa group exhibition of artists from Argentina sending works representational of social expectations and realities based on gender to Miami, as sort of a report card of similarities and differences, showing that these expectations and allowances of behavior based on who has power is a burden everywhere.


Though these months have been focusing on the two FAMA projects, the gallery still managed to sign new artists ( I will let you know about them next month) , sell artwork and function smoothly, which is a testimony to The CAMP Gang: Maria, Gabe, Gaby, Andres, Mario, Bella, Estela, Brianna, Chloe, Raven, Carly, Amy, Ethan, Leah Lily, Maggie,  and brand new Sumyah - all of whom help make the gallery what it is.


Maria besides doing day to day things is our writer/interviewer extraordinaire.

Gabe is the whiz behind the website and helps with curation and installation.

Gaby also found in the back office of the website, also is the vision behind complex design for our exhibitions and pop ups.

Andres, also an excellent writer curates and sells with ease.

Mario, currently at Tulane, and his own team are the ones who manage all artist information on the many art platforms that The CAMP gallery partners with and both Bella and Estela are the analytical and organized minds that keeps operations running smoothly!   

Brianna, Chloe, Raven, Carly, Amy, Ethan, Leah, Lily, Maggie,  and Sumyah are all interning with us - all with distinct talents from creating content, interviewing, organizing and so much more. The CAMP is better for all they do! Thank you to everyone in this CAMP Gang!!


In the last few months of 2020,  at The CAMP Gallery you will see some changes, and some exciting announcements are coming, so stay tuned! 


That’s all! Stay well, and support artists by collecting art!


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