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February 2021
February 16, 2021

The CAMP Gang and myself have been a little quiet since December but that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy! Since the marathon which was 2020, we rested for a couple of days and hurled ourselves into 2021. Our plan this year is to put together 34 exhibitions both online and physical, but knowing me, and the gang, we will do more than that!


This month we have the pleasure of welcoming The Texture of Grief into the gallery for a solo show, Miami artist Aurora Molina has created woven works focusing on the thoughts of the subconscious when one’s hands are occupied. We also have some online exhibitions coming up this month: a solo for Katika and group shows featuring: Aspencrow, Nikolina Petolas, Harry Skeggs, Alice Zilberberg, Giulia Ronchetti, Giacomo Giannelli, Khotan, Barbara Nati, and Alice de Kruijs in our next OVR, Out of the Wild: A Multi Medium Exploration into Representations of The Natural World, curated by myself. We also have a new version of The Fragmented Frame, curated by CAMP Creative Isabella Sandstead, with works from Ellen Friedlander, Sven Pfrommer, Xan Padron and Mario Rossi

This year has also kicked off as busy with sales with works selling from: Idris Habib, Cai Crosby, Evelyn Politzer, Xan Padron, Thomas Donaldson, Guang-Yu Zhang, Mindy Wittock, and Maru Ulivi. Thank you to all our collectors!!!


With that in mind, I want to direct you to the CAMP Vitrine, a new feature on the website where you can go and directly purchase selected works from our artists—keep checking that out as we will be updating and adding to the Vitrine regularly. 


That’s it for now! Stay tuned, stay well and support the arts!


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