In Conversation with Spotlight Artist Ellen Friedlander

April 5, 2021

Welcome to CAMP Conversations, an editorial space brought to you by The Contemporary Art Modern Project! At The CAMP, we’re firm believers in the power of the intimate relationship between art and those who love art, and we’re happy to champion it in our approach to a nearly-inaccessible industry. CAMP Conversations are written to promote thoughtful dialogue exploring the art industry embedded with our sophisticated brand of snark, involving artists, gallery employees, and our beloved audience.


CAMP spotlight artist and fine art photographer Ellen Friedlander was included in our recent online exhibition, The Fragmented Frame, a collection of photography works over a 10 year period that aimed to highlight the nuanced changes we are all experiencing in this time of COVID-19. Ellen recently returned to Los Angeles from Hong Kong after deciding to leave the United States and spend time in the city she called home for fifteen years. At an emotional and intense time, Ellen hit the streets. With camera in hand and a fresh SD card, she produced works as often as she could, capturing images with guttural intention. She captures the ever-evolving scenes of daily life, the street harboring a constant ebb and flow of experiences.


In this CAMP Conversation, Ellen Friedlander gives CAMP Creative and curator of The Fragmented Frame Isabella Sandstead, a candid look into her  journey of finding her footing as a fine art photographer in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. At her core, Ellen is a passionate, curious, and driven individual who remains eager to continuously challenge herself and collect lessons along the way on her medium. To her, photography is freedom; the freedom to express and connect. Seeing great importance in dialoguing and experiencing life with others, when asked if she had found her people yet her response was simple: “I have found my people all over the world.”




To see available works by Ellen Friedlander, check out our selection on Artsy.

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