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March/April 2021
April 24, 2021

Last March, we were in New York for SPRING / BREAK during New York’s winter art week—this March though has been quite different from that experience! It was an interesting month with new artists joining our roster, new ideas brewing in the minds and offices of the CAMP, and a new look on social media, and always a new gallery exhibition.


In March, the gallery saw works from Miami-based artist Carlos Rancaño. Curated by Gabriel Torres, Intimacy and Introversiondressed the walls with intimate moments of introspection, something many of us have been doing for a year now! Isn’t it interesting how often artists pick up on a universal and present it back to us? Just like Rancaño has done in his exhibition.  


March also saw online exhibitions featuring works from Elena Monzo in her solo show Dear Comrade, curated by Brianna Luz Fernandez. Bella Sandstead curated The Fragmented Frame with works from Mario Rossi, Sven Pfrommer, Xan Padron, and Ellen Friedlander, all exploring the theme through photography.  Still running is a solo online exhibition of works from Katika exploring Outer Space, curated by Chloe Fabien


This month, Silvana Soriano, one of the artists from last year’s 40 Women Pulling at The Threads of Social Discourse, is showing at The CAMP Gallery in North Miami. Treating us to her collage works, her show Ipsis Literris, curated again by Gabriel Torres, explores not only life moments but also language. I find it interesting how the medium of collage is dependent on many different often fragmented images to create one whole picture, just as language itself compliments this artful action with the many layers of meaning and the fluidity of language itself, presenting us with a myriad of meaning in just one word, or one symbol.  


Online we have exhibitions from Alice de Kruijs exploring new age portraiture curated by CAMP’s own Mario Rodriguez. Franck de las Mercedes also has one of our online exhibitions for April, where the subject is Spring and how he expresses this through his flowers, curated by myself and Brianna


This month, we also launched our second OVR, thanks once again to Emperia. This time, the subject and exploration is found in representations of nature and features works from Harry Skeggs, Khotan, Alice Zilberberg, Barbara Nati, Giacomo Giannelli, Nikolina Petolas, Alice de Kruijs, and Carol Erb, curated by myself, and pretty much everyone else in the CAMP Team! 


I won’t speak about some of the ideas brewing yet as they are still percolating (and maybe Maria will explode if I release the information too soon,) but suffice it to say, we are working on our next phase of changing the art world by marrying different traditions of art to present you with a more complete experience.  When it comes to social media, we frankly felt that things were out of hand, not because of what we did, but because of algorithms—we just had enough and want to curate our presence, our way—so check out our profiles and let us know your thoughts!


We are also revamping our website and to do this we have partnered with Art Logic (woot woot Art Logic!) so stay tuned to how we are gonna look!


Lastly, enjoy this list of our new artists:

Minas Halaj

Anya Anti

Carol Erb

Ewa Cwikla

Julia Sylvester

Julie de Waroquier

Lucia Warck Meister

Margaret Roleke

Molly Brocklehurst

Tracy Nicholls


Upcoming exhibitions for May:

Khotan: Fluid in Silence at The CAMP Gallery

Violeta Caldres: Entre Dos Orillas online

Clara Fialho: Primaveraonline

Johnny Ramstedt, Tatana Keller and Angela C. Paris in Interpretations from The Abstract



Seems like the women are taking over…That’s it for now! Stay tuned, stay well and support the arts!


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