Views From The Studio: Aurora Molina and Molly Gambardella

Andrea, Brianna, and Melanie reflect on last week's studio visits.
February 26, 2022
Views From The Studio: Aurora Molina and Molly Gambardella





As a Curator, one of the best parts of my job is working with the artists we represent. Last weekend was a special treat when I got to visit Aurora Molina’s studio for the first time. I was honestly not expecting to be greeted with such an explosion of color! Threaded portraits, vibrant paintings, and stuffed dolls hang all over the walls – a culmination of Molina’s personal work alongside her students’ own. It was incredibly inspiring to see such a display of creativity. If you’re in the Coral Gables area, I recommend stopping by to visit the studio and taking one of Aurora’s textile classes.





Of course, Maria and I had a purpose for stopping by Aurora’s studio: picking out pieces for an upcoming group show with two of her students. Me: I Am Not An Outsider, I Am An Artist, featuring works by Thalya Baker and Erik Sowers, will be available for viewing in The CAMP Gallery Miami in March.


— Andrea Román, Social Media Manager







 CAMP took an afternoon and visited Molly Gambardella [in New Haven], and got to see up close the myriad of textures and colors that inspire the artist. It takes roughly 100 hours, or more, for Molly to complete one of her works. 


— Melanie Prapopoulos, Founder 





Visiting Molly’s studio was a much needed immersion into color and vibrancy, thing’s that I’ve been missing since the start of winter. From the textures and materials, to the color and forms, Molly’s work is the embodiment of deliberate whimsy.


— Brianna Luz Fernandez, Art Manager


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