Fluid in Silence: A solo exhibition in North Miami featuring Khotan Fernandez.

The transportation to a different mindset of asking the question of, “what could be?” is among the fundamentals of metaphysics

The CAMP Gallery is pleased to present Fluid in Silence, a new solo exhibition featuring  works from Khotan Fernandez. The exhibition opens May 15 until June 7, 2021. 


Our perception of time as beings who interact with the world on a physical level is  structured on a one dimensional plane, in that time is a constant, and merely affects how  we perceive the rest of the objects around it. One second passes, then one minute, then  one hour and while these constants stay true from person to person, when you factor in our three dimensional world, the perception of how time interacts with the space around us changes entirely. The speed at which we perceive objects to move while inherently connected to time, also vastly changes based on our distance from said object. While this  concept, referred to as spacetime, can be understood and rationalized by a human, conversely another being on this world such as an ant given the ability to communicate,  perceives things on an entirely different scale. Now given we could interact with a new form  of life in similar mental capacity and stature to humans from an entirely different planet, let alone galaxy, would time even be a perceivable concept to them? 


Artist Khotan Fernandez combines the practical areas of physics and the metaphysical philosophies of actualism, bringing forth artworks to stir the line of perception of space and  time not only by humans, but also for any unseen alien representation. This introspection into Fernandez’s mind puts on display the theory of the distortion of time and space from an  interplanetary perspective, altering familiar locales like in Path with Heart, taking homage from various trips to the Everglades and displacing their colors and motifs into surrealist landscapes. Among the many thoughts of beings that we could encounter that Khotan imagines, the lack of vital senses that we so are acutely familiar with, or the change in something such as the visible light spectrum is an actualization that is not outside the realm of possibility. The multi-sensory barrage continues on and become a first for the artist in the form of Engram, a short film connecting the passage of time between realities, where the past, present, future and imagined form of the artist all interact under the guise of being connected by a distant third party.  


The transportation to a different mindset of asking the question of, “what could be?” is  among the fundamentals of metaphysics, and one of the main principles behind Khotan Fernandez’s work. The questions the artist asks are rhetorical, as they have no right or wrong answer at the moment, and rather just want to linger in the mind. “What could we see given more senses? What are we missing from being able to see with the senses we have?  What will we learn when we first interact with another planet’s race?” The only way to even  come close to an answer for any of these questions is to explore — and wait for time to  pass. 


Statement and curation by Gabriel Torres