Announcing Loop Diaries, an Immersive video-installation featuring works by Bego M. Santiago

Loop Diaries will be the final gallery exhibition of 2021 in our Miami space.

An interdisciplinary visual artist, Berlin-based Bego M. Santiago focuses on the use of light as a pictorial and sculptural tool, one of simulation and optical illusion capable of giving life to inanimate objects, blurring the boundaries between reality and consciousness. Her works are both experimental and interactive, requiring the presence and engagement of the viewer, considering the spectator an active and necessary element that is part of it.





Our final exhibition of 2021 features works from Loop Diarios, an autobiographical film project, which combines numerous shortvideo-loops made since 2005. Santiago’s video installation work is characterized by a submerging of the viewer into a liminal plane replete with the vague aura of memory and a longing for something unnamed—and missing. She does this by capitalizing on the feedback loops that exist between the dichotomies of existence, namely true–false, reality–dream, and internal–external, transforming the banality of everydayness into a playground wherein one can meditate on their nature as a living being.



 Still from "Fantasmagoria (Phantasmagoria)," 2021. Mixed/New media video installation.


On this occasion The CAMP Gallery presents 9 of the Loops that make up the project, 8 in single-channel format and one of them in video-installation format. The exhibition is a scenographic presentation where video, space, and everyday objects are merged through multiple video installations. 


We invite you to join us for the opening reception on November 26, 2021 in our Miami space from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.

November 16, 2021