The CAMP Announces Participation in 2022's New York Edition of VOLTA Art Fair.

In 2022, VOLTA Art Fairs returns to New York during Frieze Week from May 18 to 22 at 548 West 22nd Street, the former Dia Building and Hauser & Wirth gallery space.

The Contemporary Art Modern Project will be participating in 2022's VOLTA Art Fair during Frieze Week in New York.


"VOLTA debuted in Basel in 2005 as an art fair collaboration between dealers and friends. The aim was to secure a platform for international galleries beyond young art fair Liste and market heavyweight Art Basel. VOLTA’s New York fair followed in 2008, offering a solo and boutique alternative to the crowded trade show tradition of Armory Week in March. Concerns and aspirations of the exhibiting galleries have been of the utmost importance since VOLTA’s inception, resulting in eclectic and dynamic solo presentations and multiple artists in curated conversations."


The visual goal of the CAMP booth is to contrast the stark portraiture of Ghanian artist Idris Habib, to the bright and vibrant collages of Silvana Soriano, the bursting colors of Franck de las Mercedes tied together by the geometric and colorful textile works of Evelyn Politzer. CAMP founder Melanie Prapopoulos employs these uses of textile to both explore and argue for  the richness of the textile arts, and how they are spreading through the art world as artists


"Key to the booth and its goal is an exploration of color and how it is used in the works, not only for the visual effect, but also as a marker of cultural identity."


Tickets will be available starting March 28, 2022. Visit VOLTA's site for more information.

March 10, 2022