OPEN CALL: Women Pulling at the Threads of Social Discourse at The Jewish Museum of Milwaukee

This will be the third run of our seminal exhibition, and our first time in the Midwest.
The Jewish Museum of Milwaukee and The Contemporary Art Modern Project (CAMP), based in Miami, are inviting textile artists to submit works for a new Midwest-focused incarnation of The CAMP’s signature exhibition, Women Pulling at the Threads of Social Discourse, coming to the Jewish Museum Milwaukee in summer 2023. This will be the third run of the exhibition exploring the effects of legislation, historic and recent, in the United States on contemporary women’s issues through fabric, and featuring predominantly female artists, delving into their relationship with themselves and their communities at the intersections of femininity, race, history, and feminist sociopolitics.
The Jewish Museum Milwaukee is dedicated to preserving and presenting the history of the Jewish people in Wisconsin and celebrating the continuum of Jewish heritage and culture. The history of American Jews is rooted in thousands of years of searching for freedom and equality. We are committed to sharing this story and the life lessons it brings with it, so that we may enhance the public’s awareness and appreciation of Jewish life and culture. 
The exhibition explores life experience and civic duty through what is often, improperly, considered to be the tamest realm of fine art: fiber. Artists who have participated tackle the perspectives and rights of those who are not white, not male, and not “American,” who are repeatedly belittled and discarded. In most cases, the artists themselves belong to one, or all, of these groups.
For more information and submission requirements, click here. We ask that only artists based in the Midwest United States apply.
See you soon, Milwaukee!
March 22, 2023