Upstate Art Weekend with Visitor Center and The CAMP Gallery

Clara Fialho, Michela Martello, and Sooo-z Mastropietro will show in "The Divine, The Passion, & The Magic," June 24–August 19, 2023.

Visitor Center and the CAMP Gallery are delighted to announce The Divine, The Passion, & The Magic, an upcoming all-female group exhibition featuring works by contemporary artists Clara Fialho, Michela Martello, and Sooo-z Mastropietro.


The exhibition aims to decipher, undermine, and celebrate motifs historically associated with the female gender. Namely, the exhibition considers the archetypes of “The Saint,” “The Femme Fatale,” and “The Enchantress,” each of which have devalued women for centuries through demonization, sexualization, and objectification.


The exhibition aspires to challenge gender hierarchy and promote women’s solidarity by investigating what it means to be a female artist in an industry that has historically favored male artists. Each artist engages the titular archetypes intuitively, and the exhibition must be discovered through personal experience. A range of works by the participating artists will be on view, including paintings, wall sculptures, works on paper, and interactive installations. This is the first collaboration between Visitor Center and CAMP Gallery and their owners/directors, Eva Zanardi and Melanie Prapopoulos.


Statement and curation by Eva Zanardi.

On view at Visitor Center from June 24 through August 19, 2023.

May 2, 2023