Fempire, The Art Gorgeous, June 15, 2021
 When we say Miami, you probably think of Art Basel and nothing more. But art squad, Miami is soooo much more than that! There’s the Rubell Museum, a design district, and dozens upon dozens of galleries and art initiatives. So, here are some of the women making waves in the Miami art scene.


Melanie Prapopoulos, Artist And Founder The Contemporary Art Modern Project



Born in the UK and raised in New Jersey, Melanie Prapopoulos began her career in the garment industry of NYC before leaving to study Art History and Literature at NYU. Within a few years she decided to settle in Athens and set out on her path as an artist and received her Masters in English. During this time she first learnt how galleries can mistreat their artists and she later returned to the US and settled in Miami. Over the years, stories kept emerging of artists losing money and their work, and students being taken advantage of.  Frustrated by all of this, Prapopoulos opened The Contemporary Art Modern Project – AKA – The CAMP gallery in the beginning of the pandemic, and with the help of her team was able to put together over 25 exhibitions last year. She has since found that an artist can be treated with respect and honesty, a collector can also receive the same treatment, that learning and teaching can play a role in a gallery, and that  a business can function with integrity.