The continual search for connection is one of the needs behind the works of Laetitia Adam-Rabel; it serves as a continuous urge that seeks to be fulfilled. Integrating into a new society pressures us to assimilate away our origins and cultures, a necessary evil at times that is required to fulfill a so-called “social status quo”. Yet assimilation itself isn’t a comfortable process, one that leads to the individual’s surrendering of qualities of themselves that they may never fully regain. The loss is not always a metaphor for an emotional state, and can often seep into the physical realm by displacing personal objects that retain the qualities of one’s self, taking an even larger toll on the recovery of our original being. The trials and tribulations that come with this reclamation process extend far past our here and now, as the next generation sticks to the remnants of mismatched origins, beginning the journey anew.