Mission Statement
The Contemporary Art Modern Project Gallery, (The CAMP Gallery) specializes in art advisory and contemporary art with a focus on emerging and mid-career artists working in: installation, painting, photography, sculpture, textiles, and video art with a specific direction of both self and worldly reflection. Looking at art, as a whole, through a reactionary and interdisciplinary approach, the gallery covers the ever populating notion of society and life in general through art and curation, offering a creative space both in the gallery and out—where creativity and reality co-exist. 






The Contemporary Art Modern Project is a contemporary art gallery and advisory dedicated to raising awareness for emerging and mid-career artists with a unique approach to art. Founded during the height of the pandemic by Melanie Prapopoulos, the gallery has gone on to create a unique and thought-provoking arts program within North Miami as well as in the national and international art communities. As a gallery, we remain steadfast in transparency both for the artist and for the collector, building bridges and connections from the creation of art by the artist, to the acquisition by the collector.

With a roster of artists, local to Miami and abroad, the gallery offers works and advisory in:

• Fiber and Textiles
• Painting
• Photography
• Digital
• Sculpture
• Installation.

The gallery is best known for its annual fiber exhibition, Women Pulling at The Threads of Social Discourse. The 2020 edition of the series, known as The Flag Show has travelled to two museums since its inaugural exhibition, MoCA in Connecticut and the Jewish Museum of Milwaukee.


  • Meet the Team

    Melanie Prapopoulos
    Director & Founder
    Maria Gabriela Di Giammarco
    Assistant Director
    Gabriel Torres
    Registrar & Design
    Nicole Zambrano
    Gallery Assistant
    Amayah Novela
    Gallery Assistant & Social Media
  • CAMP Partners