Jac Lahav's "The Great Americans" at Slater Memorial Art Museum

Lahav's recurrent series will be in Norwich, CT from June 21 through September 8, 2023
The Slater Memorial Art Museum will be hosting an opening reception on June 21, from 5–7 PM.
The Great Americans is a visually compelling and thought-provoking group of monumental paintings by artist Jac Lahav that examine the notion of "greatness" within American culture. Through a unique juxtaposition of iconic and lesser-known figures, Lahav challenges viewers to interrogate their understanding of what constitutes a "great" American.
The series features several striking portraits, each one imbued with its own narrative that transcends the surface-level recognition of the subjects. From the familiar figure of Oprah Winfrey, portrayed in an intricate dress adorned with her role from 'The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks,' to Abraham Lincoln standing before a historic Henry Ogden painting reproduction, each painting is layered with history, symbolism, and psychological depth.
This series is also a journey through the under-represented American stories, such as the faceless portrait of Afong Moy, the first Chinese woman to arrive in America. Lahav’s masterful blend of well-known and obscure figures invites viewers to question their assumptions, ponder the nature of fame, and explore the contributions of those often left in the shadows of history.
 For more information, definitely visit Jac's website.
June 13, 2023