New Exhibition — El Hilo De La Vida

Now open through July 30

The Contemporary Art Modern Project presents… El Hilo de la Vida, a solo exhibition featuring the work of Argentinian-born artist Silvia Yapur. 


Because of community outpour for love of the exhibition, we've decided to extend the show until July 30th, so please click here to let us know when you'd like to come visit!


In ancient Greek mythology, it was believed that the Moirae sisters were the incarnations of destiny itself. Assigned to ensure that every creature  in the world followed their intended natural role, they controlled the metaphorical “thread of life”—known in Spanish as “hilo de la vida”—of all  beings from the moment they were born, to the day they died. 


El Hilo de la Vida introduces a variety of animal-based portraiture inspired by Yapur’s own fascination with the animal world. Her Ox-Cows and  Tiger series present the viewer with texture-rich embroidered works that romantically personify these creatures and their role in nature. Gentle and physically-capable, oxen and cows have historically been linked to offerings and sacrifices. Believed to bring forth abundance and  prosperity, they embody the act of self-sacrifice for the well-being of others. Powerful and feared, the tiger has historically been linked to  imbalance of power, due to its superior strength among creatures. Simultaneously, these beings personify opposite extremes of the human  experience: those who self-sacrifice for others, and those capable of taking with no need of giving away. All beautiful creatures, born by the  same nature, yet born with opposing natures, exemplifying the essence of life itself. 


Yapur’s work, raw and striking, displays her textile mastery and ability to give life to expressive creations with the sole need of a thread. Thus, El  Hilo de la Vida speaks of nature itself, as well as Yapur’s own nature as an artist.

July 9, 2021