'Polka dots of color' — Patterns in Bloom orchid exhibition at New England Botanic Garden

Richard Duckett, Worcester Magazine , February 6, 2024
There are likely to be plenty of patterns of diversity in "Patterns in Bloom, An Orchid Exhibition" set for Feb. 10 to March 17 at New England Botanic Garden at Tower Hill in Boylston.
After all, there are more than 28,000 species of orchid. "The diversity is so outstanding," said Connecticut-based artist Molly Gambardella, who specializes in artwork that celebrates the natural world. "Patterns in Bloom" will showcase more than 2,000 living orchids displayed in arrangements alongside over 50 orchid-inspired sculptures created by Gambardella for the exhibition that will make the conservatories "polka dots of color." To complement the diversity of the orchids, each of her orchid sculpture interpretations are "entirely different," she said.
"In a world of mass-produced things, I hope visitors find inspiration in the diversity of my sculptures and the diversity of the plants," Gambardella said. "Orchids inspire me to appreciate the vast spectrum of colors in between. They remind me to stay true to my own unique patterns and colors, while also recognizing our shared roots in the grand ecological network of life.”