Sculpture, portraits, snapshots of life, footprints, eternal evolution. These are the flashes that summarize Demis Martinelli, born in 1977, in his blood the Soncino artistic vein, in his hands the roots of iron working transmitted by his father together with the need to create. In 2001 he organized the Biennale di Soncino a Marco where he exhibited for the first time, in 2019 he founded the Biennale di Soncino association at the MACBUS, short for the Soncino Urban Forest Museum of Contemporary Art. He travelled between Spain and Mexico, passing through Sydney, developing a new method of working iron, modeled in innovative plastic forms: "I want to leave a sculptural work in every part of the world" he said. Sculpture, however, is not the only protagonist of his production, there are the shots completed by his emotional writing, the Caged Memories: pieces of life enclosed by threads of different metals. At the center is the desire to meet different cultures and the protection of the human being: "Whoever commands, the strong powers must put people at the center of the world".