Liz Leggett’s paintings and drawings are process driven, the surface and materials used to express speed, tension, destruction, rebuilding, time, frenzy, balance, biology, conformity, control, hope and joy.

Leggett's primary interest is the play between abstraction and imagery to create visual confusion, uncomfortable associations and ambiguity–leaving the work open for interpretation and a visceral response. Liz lives and works in Westport, Connecticut. She received a BA from Skidmore College and MFA from the Maine College of Art and her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. She has attended artist in residence programs in Israel, the Pyrenees Mountains, Spain, New York and Wilton and Ridgefied, Connecticut. Liz is the Director of Exhibitions at MoCA Westport and has co-curated numerous shows–most recently Marilyn Minter SMASH, PUNK is Coming, and World Peace.