Stefano Ogliari Badessi, is a nomadic installation artist inspired by nature and dreams. Beauty is the gateway to unexplored territories- the sub-conscious dreamlike part of all of us where we feel most free and alive and where self-discovery is most possible. A large part of what makes Stefano’s art unique is his ongoing study of materials. Stefano’s installations become the sum of sensations experienced inside the created space: sensual, ethereal, incorporeal, universal and illuminating.
He has adapted his creations to be mobile and easily transportable, giving him the freedom to pack up and take his art to any remote corner of the globe. Each of his installations is first imagined as a fantasy to touch some alternate sphere of reality and then realized using unique sensory combinations and performance collaborations. As a nomad artist he has exhibited across Europe, Asia, and North America, exhibiting his art installations and sculptures - which when discussing his enormous installations, once the installation is finished, he deflates and packs up the work, leaving no trace, no damage to the environment - this concern and respect for the environment is also what stimulates his newer works as they are made from natural materials: pliable woods that he searches for in nature, which he often ‘weaves’ into different animal shapes, often focusing on animals that are hunted and exploited and environments in danger. In creating these works, taking them out of their habitat, he is also making statements about not only their endangered status, but also the reduction of their habitat.
Stefano has been invited and exhibited in several international art fairs and biennials including: The Biennale of Soncino, The 56th Biennale of Venice ( Special Press Event by Swatch), OPENART Art Biennale, Scope Art Fair, WONDERSPACES, SPRING/ BREAK, and many many more. He has also participated, globally, in both solo and group exhibitions.