BEAUTY WITHIN INTIMACY: An online solo exhibition featuring Carlos Rancaño.

The colors, the curves, the lines, and the human figures are his way of appreciating the little things that no one else sees.

Carlos Antonio Rancaño was born in Miami, FL, from Cuban/Panamanian parents. After graduating as a Cum Laude from Miami International University with a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design, he began his career in Advertising. Although Rancaño was always keen on drawing, it was the strict rules of Graphic Design that gave him the drive to become a figurative painter. Rancaño is a free-spirited person who finds the use of saturated, warm, and pastel colors that elevates his figures' proper form. He loves to capture the natural emotional response to a physical gesture made by the models he portrays. The colors, the curves, the lines, and the human figures are his way of appreciating the little things that no one else sees. To find the beauty in composition, value, and intimacy as an inspiration that Rancaño hopes to achieve.
In Rancaño's solo exhibition Beauty Within Intimacy, he discards the idea of a muse, and focuses on the beauty of a woman's body and movement. When it came to Rancaño's creative process, he expresses how vulnerability and the idea of intimacy is his real muse. While working with models, he explains that he tries to build conversational topics to help them become more comfortable posing as nude. He captures a mental image of their most vulnerable moment to create a more passionate nude portrait. Among his nude paintings, Breathing Blue is a sensual oil painting in Beauty Within Intimacy, emphasizing the curves and lines of the human form. The woman is draped across the blue fabric and displays a sense of shyness while having her breasts exposed.
Even though Rancaño captures the idea of intimacy, he also has an assortment of paintings influenced by fairy-tales. Domesticated and Afro Nieve are two examples of fairy-tale portraits that he has created. Domesticated demonstrates a little girl with a red-hooded cape sitting in a snow-covered forest with a wolf on a leash. Rancaño describes the little girl as the one being in control but shows love towards the wolf. While in Afro Nieve, it depicts the female character as Snow White, who has eaten the poison apple. In the original fairy-tale, Snow White is illustrated as a young girl with skin as white as snow, but in Afro Nieve, it is a young, dark skin woman. Rancaño purposefully demonstrated the irony and contradiction of the original story.
Rancaño's Beauty Within Intimacy dives into the world of his vibrant, yet intimate figurative portraits. He allows his viewers to interpret his works of art in any way, shape, or form. To understand what excites the viewers, and to appreciate the finer things in life.