RESPONDING TO THE ABUNDANCE: A group exhibition featuring Bego Santiago, Stefano Ogliari Badessi, Natalia Schonowoski, Rosana Machado Rodriguez, Aurora Molina.

Responding to The Abundance strives to present realities of present-day excess through the often silenced, and overlooked voice of the artist in the present day patriarchal society in which we inhabit - continuing a dialog started in the ancient world as yet, still present and resounding today.


Responding to The Abundance strives to present realities of present-day excess through the often silenced, and overlooked voice of the artist in the present day patriarchal society in which we inhabit - continuing a dialog started in the ancient world as yet, still present and resounding today.


Speaking on the works by women in this exhibition, one recognizes that historically women have knitted, woven, taken family photos for specific reasons - protecting and recording their loved ones, today, though, these same creative endeavors have left the comfort of the home and photo album and have stampeded into the mainstream showing that women, and their voices resonate and need to be heard. Looking back to the Ancient World, one sees that even there it was the female voice, as seen through Lysistrata that was able to identify an issue, and find the most obvious and simple solution - stop fighting as when some suffer, ultimately all suffer. Today, artists such as Aurora Molina, Bego Santiago, Rosana Machado Rodriguez, and Natalia Schonowski, through their mediums display the results of excess, be it an excess of one class against another, be it an excess of words and memories that stain the present, or be it the lack of individuality through cookie-cutter social identities. Combined these four women and their works speak on society and our places in society - the way society guides us, leads us astray, and in so doing they elevate social consciousness and take on the role Cassandra, being the ones to foresee, to predict and to struggle with truths apparent to all but ignored by most. Simply put, in a world of excess, there are always those enjoying that excess, but there are also those damaged by that same excess - be it through a loss of self-love and an idolization of objects, be it through the labor of others to enable a select few to enjoy the excess - be it through an inability to connect and find oneself through the myriad of the excess.


Being the only male artist in the exhibition, Stefano Ogliari Badessi and his Inflatable Wall Sculpture look at the excess from a different point of view as a vehicle of self-discovery, Ogliari Badessi’s work, while still firmly rooted in the excess finds ways to take that notion of excess and internalize and redefine it to a place where the self can shine and reflect. This is mostly seen in his large scale inflatable site-specific works, but here, he has taken the idea of these large scale works and placed it comfortably inside. 



A Galician visual artist based in Berlin, Bego Santiago's interdisciplinary production specializes in the use of light as a pictorial and sculptural tool. Her work explores the feedback between the real and the represented, through playing with binomials such as: real/false, presence/absence, and original/copy. Light is for her a tool of simulation and optical illusion capable of giving life to inanimate objects, blurring the boundaries between reality and representation, presence, and absence.


Stefano Ogliari Badessi is a nomadic installation artist. He has adapted his creations to be mobile and easily- transportable, giving him the freedom to pack up and take his art to any remote corner of the globe. Each of his installations is first imagined as a fantasy to touch some alternate sphere of reality and then realized using unique sensory combinations and performance collaborations. A large part of what makes Stefano’s art unique is his ongoing study of materials. One of his biggest, and most gratifying, challenges is finding the most mundane material and transforming it into something sensational. Most recently, he has used plastic bags and wraps to construct immense inflatable installations. Stefano’s installations become the sum of sensations experienced inside the created space- sensual, ethereal, incorporeal, universal, and illuminating.


Natalia Schonowski is a fiber/textile artist currently based in the Boston area. She was born in Bogota, Colombia in 1984. Natalia has lived in numerous places around the world, some places include the Dominican Republic, China, Germany, Ecuador, Colombia, and Hong Kong. She received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Mixed Media from Florida International University and her Masters of Fine Arts in Media Art and Design from Bauhaus University Weimar and a Masters of Arts in Art Theory from Tongji University Shanghai.


Rosana Machado Rodriguez (Argentina, 1979) is a Buenos Aires-based visual artist whose work has an emphasis on human relationships and the way people interact in their environment. She earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Buenos Aires (2013), she has a degree in Ceramic Art (2006), and also studied Anthropology and Visual Arts. She has studied curatorial practices, and attended workshops in collecting contemporary art, art market, and did a Curatorial Intensive program in PAC Project (2017). She curated the shows called Horizon of Threat (2017), Out of reach (2019), and Something could happen between now and never (2019), in Buenos Aires.


Aurora Molina was born in La Havana, Cuba, in 1984. She emigrated to the United States at the age of sixteen, where she opted to pursue an education in art. Molina received her Associate of Arts in Visual Arts from Miami Dade College, a Bachelors in Fine Arts specializing in Mixed Media from Florida International University, and a Master's Degree in Contemporary Art at the Universidad Europea de Madrid completed in 2009. She currently resides in Miami, Florida, where she works as a full-time artist. 



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