What makes me human? What defines me as a person?


I have a dark, difficult, arduous side, along with another virtuous part. Both sides coexist in permanent friction: duty or desire, solidarity or selfishness, personal enjoyment or the welfare of another. Although we expect our closest, personal relationships to be nurturing and protective, these deep bonds are also where we first learn suffering, manipulation and the exercise of power.


These individual and relational struggles create a tension, which concentrates in the body. Thus, I use the body in my work as a territory of further exploration of these concepts.


Vulnerability not only occurs at an intimate, domestic level but also at a social and economic one that exposes us to external demands. We are constantly encouraged to consume, even transforming our own bodies towards an ideal image. But it is not just an external demand. It also involves our desire. A careful look at these ambivalences and contradictions motivates my artistic research, which takes shape through different scales and media involving photography, ceramic, textile and installation.