EVERYDAY EARTHLING: An online exhibition featuring Mario Rossi, Xan Padron, and Sven Pfrommer.

Everyday Earthling, the latest online exhibition from The Contemporary Art Modern Project, explores selected works from Mario Rossi, Xan Padron, and Sven Pfrommer.


Everyday Earthling, the latest online exhibition from The Contemporary Art Modern Project, explores selected works from Mario Rossi, Xan Padron, and Sven Pfrommer. These artists share many similarities in their apparent differences, one of those is their grounded focus in modern human reality. Each artist brings forward examples of the individual in vignettes of anticipated and expected natural endeavors, whether that be walking in the sun, walking through the streets, be they busy or not, what the artists bring to the viewer is a focus on the individual and how these daily activities accentuate or delineate individuality.
The presentation of the everyday allows the viewer to create their own narrative and stories, allowing the imagination to run wild, grasping the exciting nature of a stranger. Through their lenses, the artists expose the beauty and complexity of our own patterns, ones that are constantly evolving and are often found just under the surface of our subliminal circadian rhythms. The images displayed have been taken in locations all around the globe, from Hong Kong to Manhattan, and everywhere in between. The patterns liken themselves to rendering the individual, displaying that the everyday person, in their environment, does not fall into the notion of that which is mundane, as in the never-ending labyrinth - but in truth that the individual is elevated to the realm of the extraordinary and is themselves a work of art.


Mario Rossi, the artist of “Palazzo Italia 2a,” began to study this idea through his work, explaining that “forms and trace elements are repeated with an attention to mathematics and music. The composition is arranged in a pattern that produces harmony and refers to a symphonic score of lights and figures interspersed with fragments of stories surprised from an analytical look and similar to choreographies.” It is with this in mind that Mario’s pieces invoke a certain sense of belonging in each of us, as we all belong to the same planetary energy- we can all relate at this level, although we are all so different, we are also similar. 
Sven Pfrommer, a visual artist from West Berlin,  describes himself as an “observer and a traveler” whose work follows his own personal journeys across the world, his focus being that of the abstract element of humans. His Hong Kong series consists of bright and loud photo alterations through the use of different paint and mixed media techniques to amplify the lives of those he photographs. His subjects are those of the common, the ones who also travel alongside Sven through the streets of the city. There is a deep sense of imaginative nature, as the viewer is presented with strangers, a door opens in which we have the opportunity to create narratives in which we can relate to his subjects, perhaps see a bit of ourselves in the photos. 
Spanish artist Xan Padron has always felt a strong connection to those around him. Growing up he was described as a “silent observer,” one who “sees things quietly and finds stories everywhere.” This observant nature in Xan, paired with an interest in time and movement, catapulted him into a life of music and photography, one that is grounded in the lives of strangers, strangers who form the energy fields of the cities they inhabit. These energies are vibrant and clear in Xan’s pieces, showcasing one single location over and over again, with a different subject inhabiting each individual cell.  All ages, races, and genders are evident in his work, alluring us to want to know more and allowing us a small glimpse into the window of a stranger. He describes his Time Lapse series as, “a kind of documentation of a city of a specific neighborhood. This series is not about the pictures I take but about the life that emanates from a moment of observation; a moment of pause.” 


Everyday Earthling dedicates itself to the stories of strangers, piecing together the mysteries of the people we share our home with, our fellow earthlings. From afar, geometric patterns, and shuffling bodies similar to the likes of ants on a log, indistinguishable and unrecognizable from each other. Take a closer look, and you will uncover uniqueness, a uniqueness that represents each of our own experiences, styles, personalities, and choices. It is this stark contrast that Everyday Earthling is focused on, one that displays the fact that we are all one in the same, but still so vastly different. This beautiful and alluring juxtaposition is what makes us human, it is why we create art, and we must celebrate it. The Contemporary Art Modern Project will continue to bring open access to our art and artists, and full virtual tours of the shows.