Artist of the Month

  • If Johnny Ramstedt Wasn't an Artist, He'd Be a Carpenter

    A Conversation with January 2023's Artist of the Month
    by Maria Di Giammarco
    Johnny Ramstedt. Malin Bengts ©
    Johnny Ramstedt. Malin Bengts ©
    Happy New Year!
    We're kicking things off with a spotlight on CAMP artist Johnny Ramstedt. The Finnish painter, adept at blurring the delicate line that separates abstract expressionism and minimalism, works in in large-scale. The pieces, all of which contain some form of commercial-use paint (namely house paint and alkyd) are technically untitled; still, somewhere within, they contain fleeting or even omitted elements of moments shared and experienced, and ultimately defined by a viewer. 


    Read on for a conversation between the artist and CAMP founder, Melanie Prapopoulos.