• What is Art? featuring Alan Neider

    An insight and process behind the works of fiber artist Alan Neider.
    by Gabe Torres
    What is Art? featuring Alan Neider

    Joining us this time for our latest question with the artist is fiber and mixed media artist Alan Neider, where we ask him the simple question on the surface, but a never easy one to answer: What is Art?


    We've gotten a swathe of inspiration from our last artist interview, and how it makes the artist delve into not just what art is to them, but what their art means to others, and so Alan gives his insight on not only this, but what lead to his latest series of work.

  • Introducing...JAS - João Alexandrino

    Our first interview with newly joined CAMP artist João Alexandrino
    by Gabe Torres
    Introducing...JAS - João Alexandrino
    As the year comes to a close, we here at the gallery want to unveil our newly arriving additions to the CAMPers roster! The first spotlight we're featuring is Portugeuse multimedia artist João Alexandrino, also know as JAS, as we get to sit down and delve into his mind for the ideas behind his work and methodolgy.
  • Inside a Doll's House - Act 1

    The first part in a series of interview questions with the artists of This is Not a Doll's House
    by Gabe Torres
    Inside a Doll's House - Act 1
    As the exhibition This is Not a Doll's House continues in our North Miami space, we wanted to give the oppurtunity to shed some light on the finer details you might have missed out on with each artists work. Their inspirations, the analysis of the original Ibsen play, and their reactions to an ever-changing modern society norm all have major influences on their art, and that gives us great reasoning to prod their minds for the real reasons behind the Doll's House.
    This is the first part of many as we give questions to each of the artists participating in the show, and each week we'll have another set of artists to see their responses to what our interviewer asked them.
  • Artist of the Month: Ziesook You

    A sit-down discussion and look at works by May's artist of the month, Ziesook You
    by Gabe Torres
    Artist of the Month: Ziesook You
    The CAMP is pleased to present and feature for our May artist of the month, Korean artist Ziesook You, a more recent arrival into our collective roster. We wanted to be able to get a more in depth look at the inspiration and creation process that Ziesook takes into her transformative floral arrangements, taking a spin on traditional portraiture and the reasoning behind the multi-faceted and layered photographs shes made her own.
  • CAMP Takes VOLTA

    A group interview with Idris Habib, Evelyn Politzer, Silvana Soriano, and Franck de las Mercedes.
    by Maria Di Giammarco
    CAMP Takes VOLTA

    The CAMP’s participation in VOLTA is particularly meaningful considering the way the fair’s ethos aligns with ours—an intentional and accessible relationship with art. Keep reading for a deep dive into Booth 215 with artists Idris Habib, Evelyn Politzer, Silvana Soriano, and Franck de las Mercedes.