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  • Inside a Doll's House - Act 1

    The first part in a series of interview questions with the artists of This is Not a Doll's House
    by Gabe Torres
    Inside a Doll's House - Act 1
    As the exhibition This is Not a Doll's House continues in our North Miami space, we wanted to give the oppurtunity to shed some light on the finer details you might have missed out on with each artists work. Their inspirations, the analysis of the original Ibsen play, and their reactions to an ever-changing modern society norm all have major influences on their art, and that gives us great reasoning to prod their minds for the real reasons behind the Doll's House.
    This is the first part of many as we give questions to each of the artists participating in the show, and each week we'll have another set of artists to see their responses to what our interviewer asked them.
  • by Maria Di Giammarco
    Behind the Scenes of The CAMP x FFC's Sip & Shop

    The magic of an opening night or event in the gallery is in the final product, but it doesn't mean that getting there isn't an experience on its own. Read on for Brianna's reflections on Westport's preparing for the closing of Not Dior's New Look III, and for the debut of the long-awaited CAMP Signature Cocktail (yes!)