Art is a process, a journey which starts from a vision or an idea and guides us to
some other reality, which is not always explainable. It is a way of communication, of
expressing thoughts, feelings and drives. Sometimes it shows us a door to a
different world in some other dimension, where other rules apply, world which is
not determined by specific time or space.


Through transformation of visual elements into complex photomontages I found
the way to show realistic sceneries of imaginable realities. It is a long and
complicated process of carefully selecting and stitching hundreds of photographs,
which I've been taking over the course of 14 years and then combining them
digitally with illustration and digital painting.


The moment I took those photographs, they captured something relevant for that
specific time and place, and by using them in some other context and time, I think
of them as a recyclable material. They start to exist as part of a new world in my
visual interpretations, world that exists somewhere between real life and


'Tale of the Blue Pear'


Inspired by my childhood dreams and fantasies and further encouraged with a
lifelong love for nature and animals, I wanted to create worlds where animals exist
as equal characters, as narrators of a modern fairy tale, who share with us the same
environment and also guide us through these remote, but at the same time beautiful


The story shows fantastical worlds of a woman who finds a parallel universe and
animals that appear on her way. Together they take us on a journey to distant but
familiar places in some faraway lands, presented in a dreamlike, surreal way. In
calming sceneries these animals with personified qualities act as strange but gentle


With their presence they bring harmony and raise environmental awareness, they
merge urbanization with serene nature, but also open a door to the universe which
we cannot see in reality and make us think twice about the way we observe the
world around us.


By creating peaceful, symbolic, strange and even humorous situations and twisted
animal habitat sceneries which exist somewhere between material world and
imagination I want to share my dreamscapes and visions that have started in my
childhood, and offer a visual escape from harsh and cruel reality of nowadays.