Over the last decade Barbara Nati’s work has faced social and environmental
issues with a very personal approach where history, visual art and advertising
approach mix up in new formula where art fulfills its goal becoming a playful
tool, speaking in a versatile and universal alphabet.
Every setting, as a matter of fact, invites the viewer to look again at those things
we take for granted while pulverizing the naïve trust in what we consider real
but may be not.
The thick messages concentrate on the idea of “inversion”, that is, on the
possibility of offering to the spectator the opposite point of view from the
expected or predicted one.
In her attempt to analyze the chaos reigning underneath the surface of reality
she combines conceptually interesting visual landscapes that blur fantasy and
The technical skills through which Barbara achieves her result provide a
primary role to the editing phase instead of the shooting itself.
On the other hand, the picture cannot be properly defined artificial; far from
being the result of a digital technique, it is the propaedeutic condition that
opens up to the possibility of digital intervention.
Barbara Nati’s oeuvre lies beyond what is commonly intended as photography,
mostly standing out for its estranging effect.
Her profoundly lyric investigation takes shape through a wise and skillful use
of digital and technological tools.
Her language always hovers between poetic and ironic, delivering essential
social and ethical messages, with a particular focus on environmental issues.